How Demographic Shifts Are Transforming Florida's Electorate [PODCAST]

At this year's annual Lay of the Land Conference Marian P. Johnson, Executive Director at the Florida Chamber Political Institute, spoke about the shifting demographics here in Florida and how [...]

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Preservation: Managing Florida's Water Systems [VIDEO]

At this year's Lay of the Land Conference, The Land Journal sat down with Michael Minton to discuss water management in the state of Florida. Minton is Chair of Dean Mead's Agribusiness and Solar [...]

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The Benefits of Funding Florida Forever

It is essential to preserve Florida's natural habitats. While there are many ways of assisting in this effort of conservation, providing funding for the Florida Forever program has been one of the [...]

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The Governor's Plan to Protect Florida's Climate [PODCAST]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently spoke about his environmental strategy at this year's annual Lay of the Land Conference. The Governor discussed a number of topics including Florida Supreme [...]

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Six Benefits of Selling Land Through Auctions

Selling properties via land auctions can provide wonderful benefits for property owners, including the following:

  1. Shortened Timeline
  2. Committed Buyers
  3. Equal Opportunity for Buyers
  4. Easier [...]
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How to Sell Land Through Auctions: Absolute vs. Reserve

You’ve weighed your options and come to the conclusion that you want to sell your land at auction. You might have heard terms such as “reserve” and “absolute” thrown around, but what do they mean?

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Building the Magic City: A History of Miami Part Two [VIDEO]

Read and watch Part One by clicking here.

Miami Beach, founded in 1913, soon proved itself to be a great attraction to many tourists. But the golden age of tourism in Miami happened during the age [...]

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2020 Florida Hemp Legislation Update

Since the founding of our nation, our government has had to balance the necessity of oversight with the guarantees of freedom for citizens to conduct their business in a free market. Here in the [...]

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Building the Magic City: A History of Miami Part One [VIDEO]

Before Miami Beach. Before the nightlife, cocaine cowboys and Miami Vice. Before it became the magic city we know today, Miami was born from humble beginnings.

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The Importance of Land Use and Zoning Laws for Landowners

It is essential for landowners to understand laws pertaining to land use. While land use and zoning are often mistaken for each other, there are distinct legal differences between them. 

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