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When discussing the cattle industry here in Florida, it is best to consult with professionals who have decades of experience raising cattle. Recently, The Land Journal sat down for an interview with Dave Delargy, who has spent over four decades working at a ranch at Yeehaw Junction. 

Delargy takes great pride in the work that he has accomplished as a rancher and is very knowledgeable about the cattle industry. He details the different types of cattle here in Florida and what makes each kind valuable. Since cattle is integral to the meat industry, Delargy also discusses the standards that cattle are held to by companies as well as government agencies.

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So called "Brangus" breeds of cattle are becoming increasingly popular in our state. Their name refers to them being a mixture of Brahman and Angus cattle. According to more recent regulations, any cattle that is over 50% Angus can be used to make "Angus beef." This has greatly increased the value of Brangus cattle. Delargy believes that the cattle industry will always continue to adapt to consumer desires, and will breed whichever cattle will be the most profitable.

Also discussed in the interview is the importance of properly performed cattle branding.

Delargy states that "We brand all our cattle. We have a registered brand. There's a brands association with the state of Florida, and they keep track of the brands." 

Delargy believes that branding is a "security issue." Using registered branding can ensure that your cattle does not get stolen, lost, or mixed up with that of another ranch. He also says that "it's against the law to put a brand over another brand. It's against the law to alter a brand once it's on there."

For more of Delargy's insight into the cattle industry, check out the video below.



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