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Florida’s lawmakers and agricultural leaders are underway in establishing a hemp industry . The most recent step taken by Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried was the announcement of the members of the new Hemp Advisory Committee. The committee will be tasked with aiding Florida’s Agriculture sector as it transitions into a lucrative new hemp industry.

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The committee is made up of the following members:

Moriah Barnhart

Barnhart is the fouder of CannaMoms, a program that helps children diagnosed with cancer. She has pushed for cannabis legislation on both the state and federal level. Learn more about Moriah.

Senator Rob Bradley

Bradley is a Republican Senator representing Florida's 5th District. Read about Sen Bradley's recent Vegetable Gardens legislation. 

Former Senator Denise Grimsly

Republican Senator Grimsly served on the Florida Senate representing the 21st district. She is a former member of the Senate's Agriculture committee. 

Tara Tedrow

Tedrow teaches the very first Marijuana Law & Policy class at the University of Florida's College of Law, and is a shareholder and chair of the Cannabis & Controlled Substances Group. Learn more about Tara.

Hal M. Lucas

Lucas is an expert of cannabis law and practices business litigation law at Lucas Savitz, P.A. Learn more about Hal.

Kyle Story

Story is an active member of Farm Bureau and Florida Citrus Mutual. He is a 4th generation farmer.

Erik Range

Range has served as a cannabis consultant and has contributed language to legislation regarding medical marijuana. Learn more about Erik.

AJ Fabrizio

Fabrizio is a cannibinoid expert who has been involved in the legislative efforts that have lead to the legalization of industrial hemp.

Leonard Samuels

Samuels has represented both individuals and companies that are involved in the cannabis industry. Learn more about Leonard.

Rod Hollingsworth

Hollingsworth is CEO and President of Sun Bulb Co., and managing director at CitriSun Nurseries LLC. 

Glenn Whitworth Jr.

Whitworth is a 3rd generation famer. He is a member of multiple agricultural boards, and is an advocate of farmers.

David Hausenauer, Esq.

Hausenauer is CEO of Green Point Research, an international hemp processor. Learn more about David.

Bobbie Golden

Golden is a rancher in Jefferson County. She serves on the Jefferson County Farm Bureau's Board as well as the Soil and Water District board. 

Cole Peacock

Peacock has worked in the cannabis and hemp industries for the last 5 years. His family have been Florida peanut farmers for five generations. Learn more about Cole.

Keily Stiff

Stiff has been heavily involved in the cannabis industry for years.

Mitch Hutchcraft

Hutchcraft is VP of Real Estate at King Ranch and Consolidated Citrus , LP. Learn more about Mitch.

Dr. Richard Douglas

Douglas was previously the Assisted Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture, where he served as the chief trade negotiator. Learn more about Dr. Douglas.

Robert Clayton 

Clayton is a founder of Florida Hemp Processing, LLC. He also built the first hempcrete house in the state and has been a hemp advocate for years. Learn more about Robert.

Dr. Will Wadlington

Dr. Wadlington is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Florida's Hemp Pilot Project. Learn more about Dr. Wadlington.

Jason G Welz

Welz is a co-founder of the Clearwater Hemp Corporation. He is also the president and CEO of Knight Enterprises. Learn more about Jason.

Jason Winkler

Winkler helped to from Novium, which focuses on cannabis and hemp based therapy. Learn more about Jason.

Jeremy Rolling

Rolling is President of the Holmes County Farm Bureau and is planning to grow hemp. Learn more about Jeremy.

For more information, check out these articles to learn more about Florida's Hemp Legislation, or about the University of Florida's Hemp Research. 

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