Photo of Scrub Jay on a branchScrub Jays are a federally protected species that occupy higher elevation soils across the state of Florida. Scrub Jays live in families and are territorial. It is important to know how to respond to the presence of Scrub Jays on property slated for development, as the regulations may require costly mitigation for impact on Scrub Jay territory. 

If Scrub Jays are found on your property, a five-day consecutive survey must be taken. This survey is taken in the mornings during the months of March and October. The survey consists of playing a recording of the Scrub Jay’s territorial scold call (available as an MP3 file) and recording any of the responses as Scrub Jay presence. 

Scrub Jay mitigation can be very costly, as the mitigation is two conservation bank credits per occupied acre. The general size of a Scrub Jay occupancy is 25 acres, which would be worth a total of 50 conservation bank credits for mitigation. Since each conservation bank credit costs around $25,000 the average Scrub Jay occupation could potentially end up costing the landowner up to $1.25 million. 

It is important when considering buying property for development to take into account whether or not protected species are present on the land. In the video below, Elaine Imbruglia of Modica & Associates sits down with The Land Journal to discuss wildlife mitigation in the state of Florida.



Elaine Imbruglia, President of Modica & AssociatesElaine Imbruglia

Elaine has 24 years of experience in ecological consulting and scientific studies. She has worked for the private, public and non-profit sectors. Imbruglia specializes in comprehensive environmental planning and strategic site design for large-scale projects.





Richard Dempsey, Real Estate Sales Associate at Saunders Real EstateRichard Dempsey

Richard Dempsey, ALC, is a licensed real estate associate specializing in all types of agricultural land, citrus groves, large acreage tracts, ranches, hunting/recreational tracts, and commercial/development land. He has been associated with SVN Saunders Real Estate since 2000. Learn more about Richard.




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