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While many have heard of the beneficial health properties of bamboo, Floridians may not have considered the benefits of growing bamboo right here in our own state. As many Florida landowners consider alternative crops, bamboo should be thought of as a very profitable crop with a growing market. Florida land is blessed with the proper climate to grow bamboo and Florida landowners should be aware of this wonderful opportunity.

Here are 7 facts about bamboo:

1. Bamboo is incredibly healthy for our environment, as it absorbs up to five times as much carbon dioxide as other plants. 
2. Bamboo can be a powerful filter for powder and pollutant substances.
3. Due to its thick and compact growth, bamboo is effective at creating a windproof barrier that can protect areas from wind damage.
4. Bamboo is an excellent agent of sound absorption for quieting the sounds of vehicular traffic.
5. Bamboo is rare among plants for its combination of flexibility and strength.
6. On top of being used in the food industry, bamboo has a plethora of properties that make it useful for construction and other industrial uses.
7.  Bamboo is currently a 120 billion dollar global industry.


When discussing alternative crops, bamboo might be one of the healthiest crops for our environment. Not only does it absorb carbon dioxide at a higher rate, but it also releases up to 35% more oxygen than other plants. Bamboo is a renewable resource, and one-time planting can produce for decades to come. Bamboo's strength can even make it a viable alternative to steel use on construction. Bamboo grows incredibly quickly, up to 3 feet a day. Over a six year period, bamboo can reach up to 82 feet.

As a food product, bamboo shoots have several health benefits for consumers. Bamboo shoots have been found to improve heart health, reduce cancer risk, aid in weight loss, and maintain the immune system. Bamboo is often used as an ingredient in Asian cuisine. Bamboo juice can also be a great ingredient in healthy drinks that serve as an alternative to soda. Most of the bamboo in the United States is imported. 95% of bamboo consumption in the United States is imported bamboo. By growing bamboo locally here in Florida, farmers can provide bamboo consumers with a chance to buy on a local level rather than on an international level.

OnlyMoso, founded in 2014, is a company dedicated to promoting a healthy bamboo industry here in the state of Florida. They have over 1,000 farmer partners and offer a ten year renewable guaranteed crop buyback agreement. Learn more about OnlyMoso Bamboo. 


Diego-Cespedes-Square About Diego Cespedes - VP of Sales at OnlyMoso

As an experienced Sales and Business Development Consultant, Diego joined the OnlyMoso USA team in the summer of 2017 working daily promoting the growth of our Bamboo Partner Alliance with Farmers, Land Owners, Investors and Sales Reps. 

Diego Cespedes, a native of Colombia, has been living in the US for 30 years and has fond childhood memories of playing in bamboo fields. He saw bamboo being used in rural constructions, various crafts and many other manual applications which helped him develop his passion for bamboo. He uses this drive to prosper in the sale and education of the crop for his clients and partners. 

Diego previously worked for a couple of US technology companies as well as owning a tech consulting company. This is where he mastered working with clients’ individual needs and building strong interpersonal relationships and sales networks. He demonstrates these techniques daily to continue his successful career and to promote the growth of our bamboo alliance.

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