A Century Later: Florida Land Boom Retrospective [VIDEO]

The memory of the great recession of 2008 looms in the memory of all who experienced it. The mortgage crisis. The rise and fall of the housing bubble. People thought the prices of real estate [...]

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Commercial Real Estate Trends Across the Nation [PODCAST]

Kevin Maggiacomo serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of SVN International Corp. and is responsible for the company’s mission and vision. Propelling SVN’s expansion across the globe, [...]

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Dean Saunders on Florida Real Estate Market Trends [PODCAST]

At this year's Lay of the Land Conference, Dean Saunders spoke on real estate market trends here in the state of Florida.

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The Modern History of Hemp [VIDEO]

Following the illegalization of hemp cultivation in 1937, a major event took place that would cause yet another resurgence for the cultivation of hemp. With the dawning of the Second Word War, [...]

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Florida's Impact on the Real Estate Industry [PODCAST]

At this year's Lay of the Land Conference, Gary Ralston gave an in-depth analysis regarding the impact that the state of Florida has had on the Real Estate industry. 


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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Affect Florida Agriculture

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, people everywhere have been impacted on a personal or financial level. The health impact and loss of lives is obviously the first [...]

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COVID-19 Resources for Florida Landowners

The following resources may be helpful for Florida farmers and landowners as the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread throughout the United States. They include both government and private [...]

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The Benefits of Funding Florida Forever

It is essential to preserve Florida's natural habitats. While there are many ways of assisting in this effort of conservation, providing funding for the Florida Forever program has been one of the [...]

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Six Benefits of Selling Land Through Auctions

Selling properties via land auctions can provide wonderful benefits for property owners, including the following:

  1. Shortened Timeline
  2. Committed Buyers
  3. Equal Opportunity for Buyers
  4. Easier [...]
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How to Sell Land Through Auctions: Absolute vs. Reserve

You’ve weighed your options and come to the conclusion that you want to sell your land at auction. You might have heard terms such as “reserve” and “absolute” thrown around, but what do they mean?

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