Dr. Jerry Parrish speaks at the 2019 Florida Lay of the Land Conference at The Omni Resort in ChampionsGate

At this year’s annual Lay of the Land conference in April, Dr. Jerry Parrish discussed Florida’s economic development. Dr. Parrish works with the Florida Chamber Foundation to conduct research looking two to thirty years in the future to assess potential economic trends.

Having insight into how the economy of Florida may develop over the next few years will be essential to Florida’s landowners and business people. Experts like Dr. Parrish conduct research and use that research to inform Floridians of what to be cautious or optimistic about in regard to our state economy.

According to Dr. Parrish, Florida could be supporting a population of 26 million people as soon as the year 2030. From an economic perspective, Florida’s highest priorities should be the creation of high wage jobs and infrastructure improvement. Dr. Parrish describes several goals that aim to benefit Florida’s economy going forward, including developing broadband internet and improved healthcare for rural regions as well as improving literacy among Florida’s third graders.

Florida is one of the top performing job creators in the country, at times creating as much as one-tenth of all the jobs in the nation. While there is much to be optimistic about, Dr. Parrish also cautions that an economic recession could be just around the corner. Dr. Parrish puts the odds of an economic recession in the next nine months at just over 21 percent. Dr. Parrish believes that developing diverse economies is the key to withstanding a recession.

Dr. Parrish also describes the Florida Prosperity Project, which aims to break the poverty cycle of citizens in Florida that are concentrated in impoverished areas. Creating better jobs and opportunities in these communities is essential to the health of our economy.

In this video, hear Dr. Parrish as he sits down with Heather Celoria of Saunders Real Estate to discuss these issues and the statistics that allow the Florida Chamber Foundation to make these predictions.




Dr. Jerry Parrish, Florida Chamber FoundationAbout Dr. Jerry D. Parrish

Dr. Jerry D. Parrish is the Chief Economist and the Director of Research for the Florida Chamber Foundation.  In that role, he is responsible for conducting in-depth analyses on the Florida economy and on solutions to help secure Florida’s future. Dr. Parrish previously was the Chief Economist and Director of the Center for Competitive Florida at Florida TaxWatch. Prior to that position, he served as the Associate Director of the Center for Economic Forecasting & Analysis (CEFA) at Florida State University, and has many years of experience in the private sector in management roles at international manufacturing companies. Learn more about Dr. Parrish.



Heather Celoria, Saunders Real EstateAbout Heather Celoria

As Marketing Manager at Saunders Real Estate, Heather leads a talented and diverse marketing team to develop strategies for the company’s brokers and agents. With a staff of creatives, analysts, and media specialists, she helps create custom solutions that position and promote properties across multiple marketing channels. Following the lead of the company’s executives, she believes in a strong commitment to industry expertise and ongoing learning. Heather worked for The Ledger/NY Times Co. as an Internet Marketing Manager and later as a freelance marketing communications consultant for many local clients in a variety of industries, including real estate. Learn more about Heather. 


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